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kokkari beach

kokkari beach
The big beach appropriately named The Long beach is situated on the waterfront in Kokkari. There are quite a few taverns right on the beach and plenty more nearby, the beach is very popular with windsurfers due to regular strong northern winds.

The beach consists of pebbles. As the beach is unsheltered from the northern winds its not uncommon to get quite big waves near the beach which is something to consider when travelling with children.

lemonakia beach

Lemonakia Beach is located just outside Kokkari in a sheltered bay, you reach the beach via a 100m long path from the main road. Usually a bit more crowded than Tsamadou, but a nice alternative especially if you prefer calmer water.

The beach consists of pebbles and sand, sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent. There is a small tavern on the beach.

tsamadou beacch

Tsamadou Beach is located just outside Kokkari in a beautiful bay. You reach the beach via a rather steep path down from the main road, the path keeps getting better but it's quite a drop down from the road to the beach.
There is a small kiosk on the beach as well as taverns nearby, sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire and there are two sweet water showers near the kiosk.

The beach consists mainly of pebbles and have in parts a very steep bottom. You should expect some waves especially if it's a windy day, the water is crystal clear and well suited for snorkeling.
This is the only official nudist beach on Samos, and one of the more famous in Greece, with one part of the beach set aside as a nude beach.

The nude area is on your right when you reach the beach, to your left is the main non nudist beach. This beautiful beach is well worth a visit even for a non nudist.

Although there is a kiosk at the beach you should make sure to bring all suntan lotion etc you need for your stay since the nearest shops are in Kokkari.

lemonakia small beach

There are two smaller and equally nice beaches to the east of Kokkari, they are more shelterad and quieter. There is a tavern on the hill above the beaches, whith a very nice view of the sea. It's an ideal venue for a long relaxing lunch.

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